If you’ve got a website, a problem can always surface and it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the hosting service itself. For instance, something might go wrong when you bring a web application up to date or some important data might be modified or deleted by accident. Whatever the nature of the problem is, you’ll need to contact the respective tech support staff and request them to recover a backup or to assist you in solving the problem that you are confronting. How timely they’ll do that will predetermine the amount of time that your websites will be inaccessible. For given sites such as community web portals or e-commerce portals, a repeated downtime duration often means losing visitors and cash. With that being said, it is of vital importance that you use the services of a company that offers not only a good technical support service, but also a well-timed one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting
Our guaranteed maximum response time for any tech support ticket that you submit or any email that you write is just 60 minutes, even in case you contact us during weekends and public holidays. Whatever the essence of your query or issue might be, we’ll lend a helping hand instantly and will supply you with the necessary info to sort out any problem with your sites. The actual reaction time commonly doesn’t exceed 15 to 20 minutes, which suggests that you can forget about waiting around for hours on end to get a problem resolved or what is even worse than that – waiting around a whole day only to obtain an answer that more information is necessary while nothing is solved. We will assist you in a timely fashion just because we understand precisely how valuable time can be in the dynamic electronic sphere. The 1-hour response time guarantee is valid for any billing or technical query that you may have related to our cloud hosting plans.