A webmail application lets you send out and receive emails from browser without the need to set up an email in a program like Thunderbird or Outlook. If you travel, for example, it is possible to check your e-mails from an Internet café and you will not need to download, install or configure anything. Webmail apps are advanced enough to provide you a lot of options such as having an address book or creating folders that will later appear in your email client. As a webmail software works with the messages on your server, it is necessary that you apply the IMAP protocol if you create an e-mail account on your desktop. You may still use webmail if you choose POP, but older e-mails will not be available as they will have been downloaded on the PC. You can use webmail as long as there is any email set up inside your hosting account and using an e-mail application prior to being able to use webmail isn't a prerequisite, so you can control your electronic communication solely via a web browser.
Webmail RoundCube in Cloud Hosting
By having a cloud hosting plan with our company, you can make use of an excellent webmail software labeled Roundcube. It is a fully functional client that can replace a typical computer application in day-to-day electronic mail communication and it has a large amount of functions. With just a couple of clicks, it is possible to send and receive emails, make aliases or maybe an HTML signature, create an address book or handle your email folders. Roundcube may be accessed in 2 ways - either by clicking on email addresses inside the Emails area of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, or by entering our standard webmail URL straight in the web browser’s address bar and entering the e-mail address along with its password. If you want, you can also set up a customized URL with any domain names via Hepsia and use it to access the webmail.